General Questions
1) What is GameLimiter and how does it work?
GameLimiter is an app that helps families manage and balance children's screen time, particularly with gaming. By setting time limits and encouraging other activities, the app helps create a healthy balance between gaming and other important aspects of life.
2) How do I start a subscription?
To start a subscription, go to the app settings and select 'Subscription'. Choose the level that fits your needs (Free, Family, or Premium) and follow the instructions to complete the purchase.
3) How do the subscriptions (Free, Family, etc.) work?
GameLimiter offers three subscription levels: Free, Family, and Premium. The Free version provides basic features for managing screen time. The Family version includes advanced features such as detailed reports and more customization options. The Premium version offers all Family features plus additional support and extra features for larger families and institutions.
4) Can I switch from Free to Family and vice versa?
Yes, you can easily upgrade from Free to Family or Premium at any time through the app settings. If you wish to downgrade, you can also do so through the app settings. Your settings and data will be saved when you upgrade or downgrade.
5) How do I cancel my subscription?
You can cancel your subscription at any time by going to the app settings and selecting 'Subscription'. Choose the option to cancel the subscription and follow the instructions. Your subscription will remain active until the end of the current billing period.
6) What happens to my settings if I cancel and then resume my subscription?
If you cancel your subscription, your settings and data will be saved for up to three months. If you resume your subscription within this period, your settings and data will be automatically restored. If you wait longer than three months, some data may be lost.
7) Is it easy to get started?
Yes, it is easy to start using GameLimiter. Download the app from the App Store or Google Play, create an account, and follow the steps to set up your preferences and start using the app to manage screen time.

Parents and Guardians
1) Can I use GameLimiter for multiple children at the same time?
Yes, you can create separate profiles for each child and customize time limits and rules individually.
2) How can I see how much time my child spends on gaming?
The app provides detailed reports on screen time and gaming time, allowing you to monitor and adjust as needed.
3) Is it possible to block specific games?
Yes, you can block or restrict access to specific games or apps via GameLimiter.
4) How does GameLimiter help my child develop healthy gaming habits?
By setting clear time limits and encouraging other activities, GameLimiter helps children develop discipline and understand the importance of balance.

Children and Teens
1) Why should I use GameLimiter?
GameLimiter helps you balance your time so that you not only play games but also have time for school, friends, and other fun activities.
2) Will GameLimiter stop me from playing games entirely?
No, GameLimiter helps you manage your gaming time, not stop playing. It’s about finding a balance.
3) Can I see how much time I have spent gaming?
Yes, you can view your own screen time reports to understand how much time you spend on various activities.
4) How can I get more gaming time if I need it?
You can discuss with your parents or guardians to adjust the time limits if needed.

Schools and Authorities
1) How can GameLimiter be used in schools?
GameLimiter can help schools manage students' screen time during school hours and encourage healthy gaming habits even outside of school.
2) Can we set rules for screen time and gaming as a school?
Yes, schools can use GameLimiter to set common rules and limits for students' screen time.
3) Is GameLimiter compatible with our IT systems?
GameLimiter is designed to be compatible with most school IT systems and can be easily integrated to monitor and manage screen time.
4) How can GameLimiter contribute to students' well-being?
By helping students balance their screen time with other activities, GameLimiter promotes their overall well-being and academic performance.
5) Are there educational resources to help us implement GameLimiter?
Yes, we offer educational resources and support to help schools and teachers implement and use GameLimiter effectively.